Microsoft is hiring people for 52 cents/hour

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  1. You didnt really think that Bill Gates can be one of the richest men on the planet without oppressing 1000s of poor people, did you?

    To be fair, the wages are in line with what most unskilled 3rd world workers make. They say they are working all these hours, but when i saw the schedule they only work 8 hours with an optional 3.8 hours overtime. They have 2 hours and 40 minutes of breaks in that time.

    The only really unfair thing I saw was that they fine workers for whatever reasons and they harrass the women.

    The holding of pay is done in most 3rd world countries and many times when you leave, they dont pay you for that last month. The fact that they only lose 2 weeks is better than average.

    They say they feel like prisoners, but the truth is that the prison doors are open and they can leave whenever they want. The real prison is their mind. These kids survived without working for MSFT for the first 15-25 years of their life...they will survive the next 15-25 not working for them too.

    That said, i would hate to be them. The hardest thing in life to realize is that you always have a choice although 99% of people choose consistancy over the unknown meaning that they would rather their life suck and know its going to suck everyday, than risk doing something that might make their life better or suck worse. They dont understand that if they do do something that makes their life suck worse, they just make the choice again to try something different until one day it doesnt suck worse. Simple in theory, but hard to do mentally.
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    Just another slave farm run by an evil corporation

    Nothing to see here folks

    Move along now
  3. It's not directly Microsoft, it's a 3rd party contractor. If you had read any of the other sources of this story, you'd see that among the other companies using KYE are Acer, Asus, HP, Canon, Samsung. I guess you should just stop buying all electronics, go ahead and dump your workstation out the window.
  4. Or we could just produce computer and do the manufacturing here in the US. Of course, electronic prices will probably go through the roof. Not sure there are that many people willing to pay $5k for the same computer they have now that cost $600 or so.
  5. Marc Faber said he was talking to Gates who said to him if he could move all of Microsoft to Asia tommorow he would do it without any doubt.
  6. 52 cents an hour = 20 rupees an hour in india.
    Its all relative to the local economy.

    20 rupees an hour isn't much but will put food on the table.
    laborers in india may only make 50 rupees a day.
    In local terms this may rank as a high paying job at 6x the going local rate.

    If you are a corporation the only way to mass produce in the US is with robotics. Offshore, along with the low cost labor rates tend to have lower land, utility and maintenance costs plus you get to carry a big stick and influence over the local government.

    US labor force can't compete with offshore.
  7. feel bad but what would they do if they didnt have thse jobs, begging on the streets, homeless?
  8. They would find something. Necessity is the mother of invention. If I were them and I had no job and was hungry...I would walk over to the nearest ocean, lake or river and fish. Any excess fish I would sell to passerbys. (I know that type of thing doesnt fly in the US, But if you ever go to Asia, you often see people walking near the beaches with lobsters, or fish asking people if they want to buy one. If they catch 10 milkfish, they can sell them for about $1 each. If they get lucky one day and catch a chinese pomfret, they can wholesale that for $15 per kilo. Thats what I would do if i were chinese with no hope.
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