Microsoft Extends XP's Life To 2020!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Scataphagos, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Smart move. I think that W7 will catch on and by 2020 they won't be selling any downgrades - but its nice to see them thinking about the customer.
  2. Should be on W9 or W10 by 2020.

    However.... XP not available as an option when you buy... only available through "exercising downgrade rights" on certain models... mostly business lines. So even when someone wants XP on their machine on a new purchase, Microsoft still takes credit for a "W7 sale".
  3. Windows 7 doesn't play my favorite game, which played on Windows 95, XP, and Vista. For everyday use, I personally prefer Vista.
  4. Good! I don't have to upgrade. I am broke as it is!
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    AS long as DX11 looks the same as DX9.0C I'm also staying with XP

    Heck, If it was practical I would still be with DOS
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    This just made my day. Viva proven technology.

    3D eye candy doesn't make money in trading. (It does make money in computer games and increasingly in movies.)
  8. Bummer. Wishy-washy as they've been, they'll likely come up with yet a different date.
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