Microsoft Extends Support for Windows XP To 13 Years

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Banjo, Jun 25, 2008.

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  2. There begs a huge question in all of this:
    How did Microsoft botch the development of Vista so badly ?
    Was it all of the outsourcing going on there ?
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    No, its theory meets practice. Guess what boy wonder? Some computing concepts should remain in the books, not in the code. I'd argue why, but the damage has already been done. Win7 is not the panacea some believe.
  4. There is so much wrong with this new OS that it's almost a tragedy. The weight (space requirements) of this behemoth is just overwhelming. I have a lot of issues with this Vista and the hardware must be's concepts. Maybe now they'll exploit some innovation into XP and bring it up to what it could be. :)

  5. There is a reasonable expectation that the majority of OS users have with 'newer' versions of Operating Systems.

    It should be both faster and have more useful features. It should also be as logical to use.

    Vista = fail.
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    Hello all:
    The deadline for buying XP Pro is next monday June 30. System builders get untill Jan 2009. Could a private person putting together a single computer system still buy XP as a "system builder?" Wondering about all those people who like putting together their own hardware systems? Thanks. agpilot
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    Hello Banjo: Is this for me? I was wondering about getting the hardware for a new system sometime later this year. XP Pro sales stopping could put pressure on hardware sales if XP pro sales stop next monday and by late this year I may have less hardware choice... looks like a bummer in the making. Less hardware choice may lead to ready built system with vista... ugly outlook? agpilot
  9. 1. All new hardware will be XP compatible for probably at least a year.

    2. Get XP Home... cheaper and no functional nor support difference for 99% of users.
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