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  1. Are Microsoft "Bing" shares listed on stock exchanges or do I have to buy microsoft shares?

    Will "Bing" profitable performance increase Microsoft shares value?
  2. Are you actually asking these questions? Or if sardonic, on whom is your contempt focused?
  3. I have posted good information about Microsoft "Bing" in elitetrader. It requires lot of time and energy to find information and post in forum for discussion. So I should benefit financially from profitable information. I believe Microsoft "Bing" shares will rise 500% in 1 year. Make your own decision.
  4. good idea, time for a spin off.
  5. Do I have to buy Microsoft shares or I have to buy "Bing" shares (are they listed on stock exchange)?
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    use "Bing" to find your answer, good luck!
  7. They are not listed on any exchange but I hold several thousand private placement "Bing" shares. I will part with some as I want to buy some exotic animals and freeze massive quantities of my own semem, that is expensive. I think they will increase at least 10,000% in the next year but I really need these animals and I can't keep letting my semen go to waste.

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    I love this guy. Where can I get a "bearice" t-shirt. :D

  9. Just joined elite trader to inter mingle with other elite traders. Why do I feel I'm being leveled here. Hmm :confused:
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