Microsoft and why did i do it?

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    I was perfectly happy with Win XP Pro and SP1, but since I was upgrading other software this weekend I figured I'd go ahead and upgrade to SP2. Well now a computer that fired up in less than 1 min 30 secs now takes 4 mins 45 secs to start. UGGGGG!!!! Now I'm not a MS hater and don't think Bill Gates is trying to take over the world, but &(**&^% !!! I swear it is overall slower loading the browser and other programs also. Why couldn't I leave well enough alone???!!!
    Sorry had to vent before kick the computer.
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    Go ahead and uninstall it.

    I had the same problem you did a long time ago, but I finally got used to the slow boot.
  3. Hi r-in,

    Maybe it's time to take a gander on the other side of the fence, so to speak. For what it's worth, I've been running pure Linux/OpenSource for a year now and I'll say two things. One, I've not had any problems, and two, I have not spent a dime on any software.

    Quite frankly, I will never consider going back to M$ or any other commercially dominant sw.

    Not a flame, just a statement.
  4. I am using xp pro with sp2 and it boots under a minute.
  5. I would strongly suggest backing up and then doing a fresh install. Install the original XP and then SP2 before you install anything else. You will find that it is actually a tad faster than with SP1 with added security fixes. Chances are that your system is waiting for one of your drivers or files to time out before continuing with the boot up. Another way to do it is to start your XP with the bootlog and then going thru and looking for the words FAILURE or ERROR. When you have a slow boot, it is usually a file timing out or a service that is not starting as it should.
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    Thanks for all the input! I've been reading up on Linux and may put it on another system to work with it and see how it goes.
    FuturesTrader71, I'm guessing you are correct about a file(s) or a service. It's a Dell computer and I know the dang Dell Alerts/Support program is screwed up and Add/Remove programs won't let me dump it. I also notice Zone Alarm is taking a long time to get loaded. I have diabled the MS firewall, so I don't think the 2 are conflicting. I'll run the bootlog and see what shows up. I'm due for a backup anyway, so I'll probably go with the fresh install also.
    Eventually I'll be able to get a side job as an IT consultant with all the experiences of running my own network.SHEEESH!
  7. Zone alarm
  8. Now, boot up time depends a lot on what you all have installed, in particular the kind of services that you have going.
    A simple experiment permits you to track this. Do a fresh install of only the OS and record the time to boot up. Then install the rest and see what happens.

    If you are slowly getting fed up with the non ending hassle and misery with way too expensive M$ gadgetry, follow ktmexc20 suggestion: GO LINUX. In fact, it is much easier than you think.

    About booting, Linux boots at least twice as fast as slow win. It is faster with a lot of other things as well.
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    Hopefully a fresh install will clean everything up. My startup time before upgrading to SP2 was at most 1min 30 secs, so I know something in the upgrade changed. I have a computer to start my look into the world of Linux and had planned on checking it out anyway.
    As far as Zone Alarm, I can only think of 1 time I had a problem previous to this that I figured out was due to a ZA upgrade, but it could very well be that it doesn't like the upgrade, or the upgrade doesn't like it.
    Thanks again for the input!
  10. Security ? It's only getting from bad to worse !
    Throw out all that crap - go linux.
    Install a good router-firewall.
    Install clamav antivirus with klamav front end.
    Learn about how to use chkrootkit.
    You could do more, but this gives the devil already a very hard time. Always up to date. Doesn't cost a penny and you always know exactly what is going on. Never again screwed by shady vendors.

    PS: I never understood how come M$ could not put the tools required to clean up the mess for free in another SP3 or so. In fact they are responsible for having created the miserable mess in the first place, due to greed combined with laxity and cronyism. Remember how they like to posture themselves like great modern-day compassionate philanthropists. :D
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