Microsoft admits Vista failure. Actions speak louder than PR

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  1. Working with the new laptop and Vista home for two days solid.

    I don't see any of the horrible issues the unwashed masses have been complaining about.

    I was led to believe the computer would burst into flames and attack my cat.
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  2. TGregg


    While Dell offers both XP and Vista on some machines, they limit the choice to Vista on most (all?) of their laptops.

    I'm with the waiters on this one. Not switching to Vista any time soon, don't see a pressing need or anything to really gain. IMO this new OS isn't much of a step. But it's certainly not The End Of The World As We Know It for MSFT.

    Perhaps we are approaching a slow down in the advancement of operating systems. Maybe we'll all be happy with XP five years down the road (with some modifications). Such a scenario would certainly change MSFT, and impact their bottom line. Even if MSFT stopped building new OSes, they wouldn't go under though.
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  3. dont


    I just received a message that my copy of Vista needed activation, so I type in the product key again. And it tells me that sorry this key is already in use. I phone them get through to a call center in India! They give me an activation code and now my screen has a comment at the bottom that This copy of windows is not geniune.

    For this amount of hassle perhaps its worth making the effort to go Vista and open office.
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  4. andread


    Not really clear what you mean, I will assume you mean linux and openoffice.
    Yes, it might be worth the effort, but what do you do then when someone sends you a file in word format? Sure, openoffice can do it, but can it really? Mostly, but not always, although it's getting better. And what do you do when you want to install your scanner and you don't find a driver?
    I like linux and openoffice, but if you want to use them only think about it. The best solution would be to use them and support them, but with a dual boot system or a virtual machine. What a lot of people do.
    Hopefully in a few years you can get rid of them.
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  5. dont


    Sorry I did mean Linux your points are well taken. Its just very frustrating to change your video card, why because the old one doesn't have enough resources to run Vista and then be told sorry but you will not be able to save files etc.
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  6. andread


    I know, the genuine advantage has been more times reported to fail: hackers have a working windows, and honest users don't.
    Yet, there is no 100% valid alternative. Windows has by far most of the drivers and applications. Linux is closing the gap, but it's not there yet, at least on the desktop. You can use it, but there is still some risk.
    As I said, the best option is probably a dual boot system. You have Windows already, and it's not difficult to make one. You can use Linux for a while and see how it goes. And maybe you can suggest other people to do the same, especially for OpenOffice, which runs on Windows too and is completely free.
    But, if you want to completely get rid of Windows, you should consider a Mac. Good machine, good operating system, and decently supported. And you can still run Windows
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  7. Anyone who thinks that microsoft, or any windows based product is going to be "DERAILED" has serious mental issues.
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  8. andread


    Just wait and see :)
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  9. Using Vista at home since the day it came out. Works well, but I am not blow away by any features.

    We still use XP Desktop/Linux servers in the office and I don't see why I should spend the the extra money upgrading XP to Vista there. I see no benefit upgrading?!
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  10. who cares, you will never be "blown away" by a microsoft product, it is what it is, seeing as how 90% of the computer using population NEEDS to use it, windows will not go away anytime soon.
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