Micros for testing new set ups- like it so far

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  1. Yesterday and today I have tested a new set up using the MNQ. Yesterday was a small positive, a b/e minus commission, and today was a larger positive. It gives me the idea I can fine tune the entry or expand the stop after taking a contract or 2 off to give the last room. I usually initiate with 3 contracts in the NQ and have a set target for the 1st and a little more for the second, trailing the 3rd, and possibly adding back based on the move. This set up follows the same idea with a different entry criteria. Looking to enter sooner without being a top or butt picker.
    I had no problem with fills even with the light volume, although the spread is fairly jumpy as a result quite a bit of the time. It is nice being able to test real time with minimal dollar risk, but at the same time actual dollars on the line lend to a more realistic test, at least for me. While I may miss a current trade in my plan while testing this allows me to watch both, and if one of my current setups comes up I can stop out of the test to take and follow my current plan trade. It might mean a loss in the test, but it is minimal, and I am for the most part able to trade my usual setups while developing a new one.
    My 2 cents to this point in time.
    Take it easy
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    So far, looks like the bid/ask spreads are 2-3 ticks on the MYM, MNQ and M2K. The MES is the exception, 1 tick most of the time. Hopefully, the volumes will become much thicker and the former 3 match-up with how their e-mini counterparts' bid/ask move.
  3. Still pretty choppy watching the tape, but for testing it works. Today I filled my test trade, but on review at the end of the day, it looks like it was questionable as to whether it would have filled on the mini. The price traded through my entry in the MNQ, but on my chart for the NQ it didn't go through, so no idea if it would have actually filled. Maybe better it was on MNQ as it was a reasonable win where as on the NQ it might have a no trade.
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    I have completed several trades on the MYM, MNQ, and the MES. The MES holds a 1 tick spread most of the time, MNQ 2 ticks, MYM usually 3 or 4 . However on MNQ and MYM , had a lot of quick fills trading between the spread. Found product performed very well for me in the NY, Asian and European market time frames. Perhaps posted spreads will tighten with volume growth.
  5. daily volume for MES is perfectly good for trading already.
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    If the fill went through on the MNQ, it would have filled on the NQ. You have to get away from sim to see that action, man.