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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by zxcv1fu, Jan 27, 2002.

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    I just added a video PCI card next to my sound card. Now my microphone has a continous noise to the person that I am suppose to chat to.

    Is my microshone going bad or the interference of the video card?
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  6. Depending on which video card it is, it may have audio codec's on it as well (for MPEG for instance). Try to see if there is any audio on your video card you can disable. Alternatively, if there is a good Audio codec on your video card, you may be able to eliminate your sound card.

    finally, sometimes you can feed the audio out of the video card directly into the sound card via line-in. If there is "humming" that's often because the line-in is connected incorrectly.

    hope this helps !
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    My vodeo card is for my 2nd monitor, there is no audeo input.

    If my microphone input connection is not correct, how come my friend can hear my voice also?
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