Microcenter PC explosion

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by riskarb, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. My <2yo Microcenter P4 2.6GHz system caught fire this afternoon while I was snowblowing the drive. Wife was surfing the web on my bloomie pc when it started a popping noise and sparking out the back. Actual flames came shooting out the back and she grabbed the chem fire exinguisher.

    The only damage beyond the fried pc is some scorch-marks on the wall. Nice job Microcenter. I'll be sure not to leave any computers running when I leave the house.

    A shame as I had a top Nvidia card in there and 4Gb of RAM. I'm sure I can salvage the WD raptor drives. Ugh, now I know why I switched to OSX.
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    Damn that is FUNNY. LOL.

    Sorry bro. Had to laugh. I bet your wife did something AND did not tell you. I have been around alot of computers overheating but never on fire. What caught fire the box?? Was it the fan??

    Sorry hope you can salvage all your trading goodies. Get yourself a digital tiger. They seem indestructible. Keep an eye on the wife.
  3. Yeah, it's funny as hell. Imagine the wife running through 14" of snow in her socks. Friggin' PCs. I knew something was amiss when I was getting shutdowns and the browser fonts were changing at will. Going to order the SVT opteron dualie to run BBG but that's the last PC I am going to buy.
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    It good that you and your wife are ok :D
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    Ok explicate. What is an SVT opteron dualie? Put up a website. Some good athlon setup?

    What all are you runing on one machine?
  6. Flames or smoke out the back sounds like a transformer going in the power supply. Sounds like it was machine with good components - did you have a higher-end PSU in it?
  7. Sorry, SWT:


    Running bloomberg, x_trader pro, and some VPN on occasion.
  8. This is a little known feature within Windows XP. When your wife/significant other searches through your browser history, to see if you have been browsing porn websites, the computer automatically self destructs. Its a pretty cool feature that has saved my marriage countless times over the years (has cost me a small fortune in new PC's however).
  9. No, it was the PSU that shipped with the unit. I wil say that the mobo looks pretty crispy. I put the nvidia GPU and the 4GB in there. I will salvage the drives, but the thing looks like burnt toast. I can't imagine the RAM surviving the flames and sparks. :eek:

  10. Interrogating the wife as we speak.

    Yup, she fessed-up as soon as I turned on the strobe light. I didn't even need to call Bushie for the approved, interrogation-techniques.
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