Microcap ETF?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by luckyd1976, May 3, 2010.

  1. Are there any MicroCap ETFs that actually invest in MICROCAPS???

    IWC invests in 1B(il) Market caps? Gees when did 1 Bil equal Micro???
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    are you referring to penny stocks?
  3. Nope, Im referring to Micro Cap(italized) companies as the name implies. Penny or not.

    Generally in the past companies 0Mil -250Mil would be the ones considered Micro. They could be trading as a $20 stock though.
    I'm just surprised that the one heavy volume Micro I found, it's holdings are all 1Bil CAPS
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  5. PZI

    Now thats what Im talking about. Their top ten holdings are from 90mil+ in market cap.
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    PZI is the best of the available microcap ETFs. But even it has some of stocks that are > 250M in marketcap. I think most of the stocks are < 100 MM in marketcap.

    I was surprised to read this, however:


    PZI tracks an index from Zacks and holds 400 different companies. That’s fewer than IWC, but still, a broad number in the micro-cap space. Interestingly, PZI has an average market capitalization among its components of $355 million, while IWC has an average of $229 million. So IWC clearly skews a bit smaller in its focus.

    So maybe IWC is better on paper but the graph tells a different story:

  7. Thanks for the info and breakdown.