Micro E-mini Madness (2% per day)

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    Without the withdrawal you have doubled your account. Mostly.

    I like how you are slowly stretching yourself, now up to two contracts mostly. Damn, I envy your persistence. It will be fun to watch your journey!

    Just remember, they mostly come out at night. Mostly.

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  2. sstheo


    Thanks. This is the most consistent I have been in 13 years. The key is not trying to hit home runs I think, and being willing to take those losses before they get too big.
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    Don't change a thing. I can hear your brain revving up to try more bits...Mmm, I hear it. Don't change a thing!
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    In fact, I have a good stop-gap measure to prevent you from changing a thing. If you change a thing, this is the first of many disturbing X-Mas videos I will haunt you with, since X-Mas is incoming.

    Ohh, too late. Here's the first one.

    Don't change a thing.

    X-Mas is coming. Remember this haunt.
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  5. I moved a few bucks over to Tradovate to try their futures trading out. So far so good on my first day trading NQ with them. Up $245 for the day. You're doing great!
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    The volatility was so amazing last night that I decided to trade it. That, along with a very fadeable over-exuberant rally this morning, allowed me to get 96 ticks with two contracts in the last 24 hours, making this my best day yet for my system.

    The second milestone I crossed today is that in 30 trading days (6 weeks), I doubled my initial balance of $1006. I have a net profit so far of $1,019.

    It has taken me 13 years and thousands of screen time hours to be this consistent. But I think someone who is really focused and has some good training should be able to run circles around me in 2 years or less.

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    You make me a believer. All I have to do is put 13 more years into day trading (Sorry. I don’t really buy the 2 year fast track)

    Kidding aside. Congrats ! Don’t change a thing when you scale up.
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    Anyone can follow a trend. But when does it end? What do you do when the market is in a tight range? What games are the "big boys" playing with my stops? These are things that are mostly taught in the school of hard knocks. I shouldn't have been such a slow learner. It shouldn't take even 5 or 10 years for someone who is dedicated.

    Here are the main keys, in my opinion: (1) Reduce the risk. Many times I tried to trade a YM contract with just $1000 in my account. SUICIDE. The micros have now solved this problem. (2) Slow down. Don't try to hit any home runs. Base hits. Base hits. Just like I am trying to do here. Singles. Singles. (3) Don't be afraid to take small wins. A win is a win. So what if you missed out on 90% of the move? You got 10%! (4) FLAT is a great position. If you are unsure of the market, stay out of the market for a bit.

    I have a lot of other thoughts, many of which I have shared in this journal. But there is nothing like the screen time to be the school master.
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    Do you have a link to their commissions ? Did they also change the rates for the large contracts ?
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