Micro Copper Futures to launch May 2, 2022

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  2. maxinger


    What a strange foolish plan.

    The mini copper futures volume is almost zero.
    Because big and small traders are only interested to trade the full size contract.

    Why bother to launch micro copper futures?
    Cme must understand why the mini volume is so pathetic first.
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  3. Overnight


    Part of it is that the mini copper is twice the tick value of the full-size. $25 v. $12.50 for the full size, and thus has less granularity. .002 v. .0005.

    The same thing goes on with products like GC v. minY gold (QO) v. MGC, or CL v. mini CL (QM) and MCL.
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  4. clacy


    All futures will have a micro version in the next 5 years
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  5. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Agreed. GREED being the operative word. It would be prudent to follow the volume for newbie traders.
  6. I wish there were a micro 30-year bond future. I can trade the 2- and 5- year futures, but the longer maturity bonds are beyond my reach.
  7. maxinger


    full-size copper futures ave volume - 50 000 / day

    mini copper futures daily volume - 200 / day only! <<< very pathethic!

    micro copper futures daily volume - ???

    big & small traders are simply not interested to trade the minis.
    so who is the target audience for the micro copper futures?
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  8. maxinger


    This might happen if the Exchange does things blindly.

    not all minis/micros are successful.
    Nikkei mini, CAC40 mini
    AND ALSO copper mini have almost zero volume
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  9. Overnight


    All I know, based on past rollouts, is the the micro version will eventually have more volume than the mini version.
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  10. clacy


    They do have a 30 year yield micro contract, but not sure about volume or why they chose to do the yield version instead of the bond price version.

    I guess you could also spread the ultra bond with the 30 year standard contract to size down.
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