Micro Bitcoin Now Available: Trade Commission-Free!

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    Micro Bitcoin Futures Now Available

    Capitalize on Bitcoin market opportunity at a fraction of the cost with new Micro Bitcoin futures now available from CME Group.

    At 1/10th the size of one Bitcoin, Micro Bitcoin Futures (MBT) provide a regulated environment to easily trade both sides of the Bitcoin market with a significantly reduced financial commitment.

    Trade Micro Bitcoin Commission-Free for 2021*

    Open a new futures brokerage account by May 31st with a NinjaTrader Lifetime license & receive:
    • Commission-free Micro Bitcoin trading for 2021*
    • Access to the most powerful version of NinjaTrader
    • Free platform updates for life

    A NinjaTrader Lifetime license provides access to all premium platform features including Chart Trader, OCO orders, Order Flow +, and more.

    Use NinjaTrader’s professional trading tools & analysis capabilities to capitalize on Bitcoin market moves. You can open your account with only $400 and be ready to trade Micro Bitcoin futures.

    Question? Contact us at +1 1.800.496.1683 or brokeragesales@ninjatrader.com.

    *Program Requirements:

    • Account must be funded by May 31st, 2021 with $400 minimum
    • A new NinjaTrader Lifetime license ($1099) must be purchased by May 31st, 2021
    • Monthly commission rebates will be applied to the account holder’s balance for all Micro Bitcoin trades placed prior to December 31st, 2021 up to $1000
    • Standard exchange, NFA and routing fees still apply
    • 2nd accounts for current NinjaTrader Brokerage account owners not eligible for rebates
    Futures, foreign currency and options trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or lifestyle. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. View Full Risk Disclosure.
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    Commissions are nothing compared to the ridicolous exchange fees
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  3. Thats what happens when exchanges go public.

    Profits over its members and participants
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  4. newwurldmn


    All us exchanges are for profit companies. The only difference between a publicly traded exchange and and a nonpublicly traded one is that you can buy shares in the publicly traded one for reasonable sums vs buying a seat or a membership interest for millions.
  5. virtusa


    Just checked the volumes of MBT (on NT8):

    volume managed to break 3 times the hourly volume of 15 micro's!!! It reached already 2 times till 25 contracts (hourly!) LOL.
    hourly volume is almost non existing always below 10 contracts per hour.

    If my son wants to invest his weekly pocket money his order will move the market. ROFLMAO.
  6. maxinger


    This is quite a complex english.
  7. virtusa


    Yeah, I normally post in scientific magazines. :D

  8. Maybe you're like 18 years old but public exchanges are a recent trend.

    You do know NYSE was non profit right?

    Shareholders demand revenue increases. Thats the way it goes.
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  9. maxinger


    with all the complex mathematical things?
    no wonder.
  10. SunTrader


    Exactly. eMini commissions got cheaper and cheaper till not that long after they went public.
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