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    Just bought 1 contract of CME Micro Bitcoin futures at IBKR and they charged me $7.52 commission.

    Does that seem right, especially for a micro contract?

    Wondering if its a glitch because today is the launch date of the contract.
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    what is the micro btc symbol?
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    Same as the big contract 'BRR'. But you need to choose the 0.1 multiplier
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    Can't really help if you don't tell us the symbol you used.
  5. The symbol is MBT

    Here's the CME specs: https://www.cmegroup.com/trading/equity-index/us-index/micro-bitcoin_contractSpecs_futures.html

    Not sure about the interactive brokers commission, but here is the commission table for NinjaTrader. https://ninjatrader.com/PDF/ninjatrader_futures_commissions.pdf

    Based on the commission table, it is $2.76 per contract per side if you bought a NinjaTrader lifetime license key. Is IBKR more than double?

    And intra day margin is only $500. Let the ES like day trading begin!
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    It's a rip-off! Try to buy one bitcoin with micro contract and commission is $75 (10x 0.1 BRR "MBT")! However full contract with five bitcoins (1x 5 BRR "BTC") would cost you just $15.

    Try to buy five bitcoins with micro contract and you will go broke ($376 buy, $376 sell).
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    You're right.
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