Michigan's Finest Hour

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    You're making a mistake when you presume that people share your rational values. Detroiters have ideas they value much higher than living, working and raising a family in a nice place. Like not letting rich white people take over, for instance. And standing up for black people (WTF that means).

    Just watch any of the City Council members in action. Detroiters have been reelecting leaders that keep the city poor for the past 50 years. But, they "stand up" against rich white people, and keep Detroit in the hands of black folks. Fact is, these people don't really mind living in squalor - to them it's a lot better than "giving in". The proof of this claim is an examination of the past two and a half generations. Coleman Young presided over a decade where Detroit lost over 20% of it's population. People who could afford to leave bailed. But he's a #@^% hero to the people who remain. For them, living in rat infested squalor while dodging bullets is a tiny price to pay to keep Detroit.

    And you can bet we're in for more of the same from the general population. People are deliriously happy if we can raise their taxes a bit but really stick it to the rich guys. "Sure, I got screwed a little, but the rich guys got #@&^ing raped up the #@&! Yeah! Let's do that again!

    Most people don't really mind living in shit if they can really screw over the rich.
  2. Britain will increase its top rate of income tax to a higher than expected ..."


    Well if OBAMA and the Idiots have their way, they will Raise the Top Tax Rate to 50% just like the UK. If you think GM shutting down plants for 6 weeks is bad. If OBAMA decides to follow in the UK's move....you will see alot of Business's shutting down for far more than 6 weeks.

    Oh well,

    Who is John Gault?
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    That video of Detroit wasn't so bad. At least everyone had a boat!

    I've always told my wife, "Honey, I would rather have a boat than have glass in the windows of our house!".
  4. I live in Michigan. Inner Detroit isn't bad, i mean they had to clean it up somewhat for the Super Bowl. But as you have just seen, just outside Comerica park, Ford Field, etc you are in some serious slummage.

    However, we do have very nice areas in the burbs.

    If Granholm, who really is a C word, doesn't get our shit together to encourage businesses to come here, we will continue to suffer.

    Now that the auto's are a shell of their former selves there really is no reason to come until the summer when it's really nice in northern Michigan. And i mean if the conspiracy theories are right and shit does hit the fan at least we have a shit ton of fresh water.
  6. Michigan is the example to export to all of America.
    Our politicians will stop at nothing to make sure we all live like this. It's all about control.
  7. Why don't you recall her like CA did to Davis? Oh wait, how did Arnie turn out!:eek: :D
  8. *** No need to post racist videos nor "celebrate" the economic hardships of any American city/state in this thread ***
  9. How is the video racist?! Please explain.

    It has nothing to do with Black or White but shitty economic policies. No matter, your evil act of censoring my post is not going to save Michigan. That's right, not even an overzealous ET mod can save that state. And Damn right I will celebrate it's decline!

    There will be a BBQ @ my place with plenty of beer and spirits when detroit declares Chapter 11 [detroit spelled with intentional undercase].
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