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Discussion in 'Economics' started by tmb, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. tmb


    This is due today at 9:45. I believe Bloomberg.com pointed out a while ago that you can pay to subscribe to this and know what it is going to be before it is announced. So any plunge on it being "worse than expected" may just be easy money for those accounts.

    There are other surveys such as from IBD that seem to be correlated as well. In their Feature Story on 9/11, they say:

    "IBD/TIPP's National Outlook Index, based on polling from Sept. 2-8, fell 2.7 points to 49.5. That's the lowest since the poll was launched 32 months ago with President Bush's inauguration."

    Even considering this, would you still always be flat prior to this report, as with other economic reports?
  2. lundy


    i hate these reports, i wish everything came out b4 the market opened.

    the first hour is where the most opportunity for profit is... but I have to stay out due to this report.. don't want any illiquid stocks gapping 50 cents on me.
  3. heyrob5


    there is usually somewhat of a move seconds before announcements. I always felt there were some "in the know" heyrob
  4. I can't see how you could get the report ahead of time by subscribing. If that were the case then everyone would be doing it and that would then be the "time" that the report comes out.
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  6. This morning it was minutes (not seconds).
  7. I stand corrected tmb. That is very interesting. I'm assuming all the big players subscribe to this so therefor we should see the reaction when they get it. Perhaps that will account for the time discrepancy where some people say it comes out at 10am and others say it comes out at 'approximately' 9:45am. Maybe the official time is 10am but the 'real' time is when they get the early report at around 9:45am.