Michigan Governor: Detroit Needs Immigrants

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  1. Poor Michigan.

    From 2002 to 2008 it suffered under the reign of arguably one of the most incompetent Governors in the history of these United States, Democrat Jennifer Granholm.

    During her unfortunate governorship businesses and people fled Michigan like a sinking ship. In fact, according to the 2010 census, while the rest of the U.S. gained millions of new residents, Michigan was the only state in the entire Union to actually lose population between 2000 and 2010. Some joked that Michigan should change its state motto to ‘Will the last one out please shut off the lights?’

    Yet while Michigan burned (sometimes literally in Benton Harbor and Detroit), Granholm fiddled – fiddled with absurd government projects and programs such as the ‘Cool Cities Initiative’, none of which ever came close to addressing the real issues of Michigan’s decline, such as overbearing regulations, high taxes, closed shop unions, etc.

    One of the more famous – and hilarious – 'projects' proposed by the illustrious Governor was to turn cloudy, overtaxed, unionized Michigan into a ‘solar energy hub’. This was a serious proposal of hers given at a State of the State, that she believed would somehow help replace the auto industry. Unfortunately, like all of her ‘projects’ it failed miserably as the solar power industry decided it might be better to set up shop in states that are more conducive to business and actually have, well, sunshine for most of the year. Go figure.

    So in 2010 most Michiganders took a sigh of relief when Granholm finally left office and joined the exodus of the state herself by fleeing for California. A Republican was elected by a landslide and the people of Michigan hoped the days of incompetent governance and asinine government ‘projects’ were at an end.

    Not so fast. Enter Republican Governor Rick Snyder.

    Gov. Rick Snyder to conference: Immigration can help Detroit, state

    Proposed state laws viewed as anti-immigration are too divisive to be taken up with Michigan's economy struggling, Gov. Rick Snyder said Monday.

    "Those are negative issues that have no value," Snyder said after a speech on immigration at Wayne State University. "We've shared that general premise with the Legislature."


    Snyder also said he plans to introduce a Global Michigan initiative to make it easier for immigrants and refugees to find jobs in their fields. And he envisions a Cultural Ambassador Program to encourage people from different ethnic groups to get more involved in their communities.

    Global Michigan Initiative? Cultural Ambassador Program? Welcome back Granholm.

    Michigan has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country – consistently over 10% – with about half a million unemployed. The city of Detroit in recent years has recorded unemployment rates of an astounding 30%.

    What does Snyder offer to alleviate this? Programs to bring in even more workers through immigration to work jobs that don’t exist! You can’t make this stuff up.

    Since there are little jobs to be had, it is difficult to see how these immigrants could contribute to Michigan – besides supposedly adding ‘vibrancy’ – whatever that is supposed to mean. Having no work, they would also certainly end up adding to the cash-strapped state’s millions on government assistance. Just what Michigan needs.

    Unfortunately for Snyder – but fortunately for Michigan – his insane ‘project’ to colonize Michigan and Detroit with immigrants is as likely to succeed as Granholm’s ridiculous ‘projects’. First, most immigrants are not as dense as Snyder and realize it would not be in their interest to go to a state with few jobs and stretched social services. Second, there is probably hardly a refugee desperate enough to agree to settle in Detroit city – at least Haiti has decent weather.

    On the plus side Snyder's plan does offer Michigan's half million unemployed something to do – become 'cultural ambassadors'. Not sure what that 'job' entails, but it has to beat wiping snow off of Granholm's solar plants.

    Poor Michigan.

  2. Why does Detroit need immigrants? Isn't it already a "chocolate city" like the one Ray Nagin wanted to build in New Orleans? Isn't that a good thing??? :confused:
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    Dude, you forgot your hood.
  4. Get real. He's not pandering to hispanics. He's pandering to the arab immigrant population. Michigan has one of the largest concentrations of middle eastern immigrants in the country. Apparently, he thinks adding to them would be a good idea.
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    Once the immigrants realize that they're required to live in the 'hood they'll stay in Bangladesh.
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    Michigan's State and Local Tax Burden Slightly Below National Average
    Michigan's 2009 state and local tax burden of 9.7% of income is slightly below the national average of 9.8%. Michigan's tax burden has decreased overall from 10.4% (15th nationally) in 1977 to 9.7% (21st nationally) in 2009.