Michigan About To Impose Financial Martial Law

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. pspr


    Democrats aren't going to like this. Republican hope and change.

    Michigan lawmakers are on the verge of approving a bill that would enable the governor to appoint "emergency managers" -- officials with unilateral power to make sweeping changes to cities facing financial troubles.

    Under the legislation, the Michigan Messenger reports, the governor could declare a "financial emergency" in towns or school districts. He could then appoint a manager to fire local elected officials, break contracts, seize and sell assets, eliminate services - and even eliminate whole cities or school districts without any public input.

  2. Republican state Sen. Jack Brandenburg said several urban areas of the state, especially Detroit, are in "bad shape" and require "financial martial law," the Daily Tribune reports


    My first thought is cities are going to have to adapt. A city like Detroit which has done nothing in the past will likely continue doing nothing, net net,,,no change.
  3. 377OHMS


    The state can no longer let the gangsters run Detroit so they are simply taking it back. The people who think they run Detroit can just go home now. They're fired.