Michelle Vs Ann

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  1. If there was ever any concrete evidence that polls are pretty much useless, this one would be it. I can't imagine Ms. Obama would beat Ms. Romney by that margin in a question about anything. Where was that poll taken? 63rd and King Dr.? 79th and Stoney? 103rd and Halsted?
  2. would like to see Ann in her magic underwear. that way i could make a more informed decision.


    Mormon women must wear their bras over their garments and some ... must wear the garments during sexual intercourse so the child will be born "under the covenant". .... How crazy is it to be afraid to take off your underwear, be seen not wearing it, ... A mormon can only buy their magic underwear from the Mormon Church.
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    I voted Michelle
  4. Who'd you rather what? Date? Have a conversation with? I'd call that even as I wouldn't mind having a dinner and conversation with either one. No if you're talking "do", I'd have to abstain. Neither one is my type.
  5. I'd rather Michelle as First Lady,shes a wonderful women.Ann Romney is as fake as her husband is.
  6. Michelle Obama - 48 years old
    Ann Romney - 63 years old

    Who could have possibly seen the results of that poll coming? Quite the surprise, no?
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    Best thread EVAR.
  8. Michelle Obama is a fucking beast.

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