Michelle "O'Patrick" Obama

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  1. WASHINGTON — The White House is going green for St. Patrick's Day.

    The water in the fountains on the north and south lawns of the White House has been dyed green to mark the national holiday of Ireland.

    First Lady Michelle Obama came up with the idea for the festive touch, said spokeswoman Katie McCormick Lelyveld. She was inspired by the St. Patrick's Day celebrations in her hometown of Chicago, where the city marks the holiday by dyeing the river green.

    "It's a little piece of home for our new home," said Lelyveld, who is also from Chicago.

    Lelyveld said it's the first time the water in the White House fountains has been dyed. The green hue will stay until the dye runs outs.

    President Barack Obama marks St. Patrick's Day with separate meetings in Washington with Irish leaders and he'll also attend St. Patrick's Day events in the White House and on Capitol Hill.
  2. Am surprised that the racist hag Michelle Obama didn't turn green literally, being how much she hates whitey, I am sure she is completely against any celebration of a European culture.
  3. The last thing we need is more chicago traditions.
  4. Ted Kennedy, any one?? :D :D :D
  5. Chicago Traditions? There are shakedowns at the White House?

    Cool. Americana. Protection. Bribes. I like it, It's so ..........urbane!!!!
  6. she's def. not the sharpest tool in the shed