Michelle Obama Is Pulling A Michael Jackson

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    She definitely has had skin lightening and plastic surgery. If I had to guess, and I am no expert, she looks like she has had a nose job, her lips taken in, and some type of jaw reconstruction. Look at those face parts on her before and after pictures. And to back this up further, here is a picture of Michelle Obama 29 years ago to show that she had the same nose shape. She may have had Botox done before, but judging from the two pictures that are 29 years apart.

    <img src="http://emptysuit.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/micl.jpg?w=700">

  2. It's called make up
  3. In the mid 80s, an article came out in Time about what Micheal Jackson would look like in the year 2000.


    I'd say they nailed it. :p
  4. No question, but in fairness, pretty much every pol has done something, whether it is botox, eye lift, neck tuck, etc. Hers is just more of a total remake than most.

    BTW take a look at Hillary Clinton if you want to see what happens when it wears off and you don't get things tuned up.

    I know a lot of normal people out there in flyover country will find it hard to believe, but regular trips to the plastic surgeon are as much a part of life in Washington as rehab stints.
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    LOL It looks more like a head transplant to me! :D
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    both are bloody ugly
  7. Haha. . . . you spend too much time here, you ought to get out more.
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    <img src="http://emptysuit.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/micl.jpg?w=700">

    Who looks at that and thinks to themselves "I'd sure like to see that naked"?

    The fist pic looks like she was born to a poor share cropper, and now she's married to The Jerk.
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    LOL I wonder if she wakes up with an afro every morning and has to iron her hair back straight. They must go through a lot of bleach at the White House. :D
  10. Well in the first pic I think the micky mouse shape hair is quite a bit of foreshadowing.
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