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    Just like Palin and Coulter, this one should be on her knees kissing the feet of a real "Liberal" because if there never had been a "liberal ideology" she'd be bare foot and pregnant somewhere in the Philippines, uneducated, dressed like a nun, and god forbid she open her mouth without first being asked a question. The added humor I have with MM is that she is so not white, does she think being a nasty woman makes her any more accepted to the mostly white run USA? I joking call her an anchor baby, that she should go back to the country of her people, and then I say again, she should kiss a liberal shoe or ass, because she would never be here, just for her color, if it weren't for liberal ideology. To bad so many Americans are too stupid to realize this simple fact

    As for Palin, she is pretty much an uninformed airhead who would be as bad or worse a disaster for the country than the execrable Bush.

    Manila, the Philippines. Thanks to progressive policies voted by the American Democratic Party, she managed to escape the hell-hole she was born in.

    The Mainstreaming of Michelle Malkin
    by Paul Gottfried

    <p>A recent <a href="http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/268515/chasing-sarah-boys-brbehind-bus-michelle-malkin" target="blank">syndicated column</a> by Michelle Malkin indicates what happens to interesting conservative commentators when they sign on as GOP flacks: They become predictable Republican mouthpieces and attack dogs against the Dems. For years I read Michelle with delight as she railed against weak-kneed politicians in both parties. She was murder on Republicans as well as Democrats—indeed, on anyone who truckled to the Hispanic immigration lobby. Even more refreshingly, she never indulged any politicians who caterwauled about victimized minorities. Michelle happily banged around the NAACP and other groups that played the victim card. The fact that she’s Filipino may have allowed her to get away with some of her rhetoric, but I doubt that particular ethnic background has provided her with much benefit. Being a devoutly Catholic Filipino doesn’t bring much in the way of liberal grace. That identity is far less useful than being an angry black woman like Michelle Obama screaming against American white racism.</p><div class="pullquote">“Yes, there is corruption in the Democratic Party, but this disease is hardly limited to those who bear the ‘D’ label.”</div>
    <p>Then I noticed Michelle editorializing against corruption in the Democratic Party. On December 10, 2008, she began her new career with a long screed for <i>National Review Online</i> on the “<a href="http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/226503/democratic-culture-corruption/michelle-malkin" target="blank">Democratic Culture of Corruption</a>.” After a series of polemics against Reid, Pelosi, and Barney Frank on Fox and in the usual GOP venues, Michelle came out with a well-publicized book, <i>The Culture of Corruption</i>, thanks to the tiresomely Republican publishing house Regnery. Her book-length blast against the Other Party carried the not-very-subtle subtitle <i>Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies</i>. Yes, there is corruption in the Democratic Party, but this disease is hardly limited to those who bear the “D” label. Our gargantuan, tax-engorged “liberal democracy” inevitably provides opportunities for corruption no matter which institutionalized party occupies the seats of power. The only solution is the one proposed by Ron Paul, which is to break down an overbearing public administration. Replacing one patronage party with another will do nothing to lessen the problem.</p>
    <p>By now Michelle has become a particularly loud voice in the GOP propaganda machine, which is clear from her recent column’s over-the-top praise of Palin and her denunciations of the “Palin-hating convoy” following Palin’s train. Apparently these “Palin-bashing journalists” are wrong to dwell on Palin’s “incompetence” and to describe her as “trivial.” Michelle’s heroine is truly a world-historical figure:</p>
    <blockquote><p>What makes Sarah stand out in the national GOP field is that she is beholden to no one and controls her own destiny. She doesn’t need media kingmakers to make her. They need her. She doesn’t need newspaper or TV producers to drive her story. She drives them. Crazy.</p>
    <p>Doesn’t Michelle notice that what she’s saying is at most only partly true? The former Alaska governor is an intellectually lazy person who runs at the mouth. Her inability to cite any national newspaper she read during her embarrassing interview with Katie Couric suggests something depressing about her knowledge of the world. I’m still trying to extract from Palin’s run-on sentences what she would do with Social Security. I won’t even touch immigration, an issue on which she seems to depend on leftover sound bites from the McCain campaign.</p>
    <p>Her gaffes are beginning to approximate the silliness of such notorious verbal blunderers as W and Joe Biden. While visiting Boston, Palin explained that Paul Revere rode to “warn the British.” I learned the true story about Revere in the second grade. Yet this female proponent of American exceptionalism—who acted angry that Obama wouldn’t stand tall for democracy by intervening without European allies in Libya—couldn’t tell us what Paul Revere was doing on his midnight ride. Perhaps she should have crammed a bit more before embarking on her “American Heritage Tour,” particularly if she knew she’d be confronting unkind journalists who might actually ask her about America’s heritage.</p>
    <p>And who is Michelle kidding when she presents Sarah as someone who doesn’t need the media? Like Michelle, she works for Fox and is probably handsomely paid for jabbering away on that network. She has also consistently been in the neocon corner on foreign affairs, and she seems to love rhetoric about “human rights.”</p>
    <p>As a Republican journalist and media entertainer, Michelle is following in the well-trod path of others such as Ann Coulter. Like Michelle, Ann started out as a very feisty rightwing news commentator, but unlike Michelle, Ann could be devastatingly witty as well as edgy. But she, too, succumbed to various pressures and became a sharp-tongued version of Sean Hannity rather than remaining a figure of the traditional right.</p>
    <p>Back in 2001, Coulter stated the <a href="http://old.nationalreview.com/coulter/coulter.shtml" target="blank">unsettling opinion</a> that we not only bomb Middle Eastern Arabs but also convert the survivors to Christianity. This scared the bejesus out of the kept goyim at <i>NR</i>, who immediately banished Ann as a regular contributor. But this, too, was part of the game. Ann was trying to differentiate herself from other supporters of the neocons’ foreign policy by attaching to it a Christian triumphalist tone. She also threw in an opinion that must have pleased her neocon paymasters when she praised how we “carpet-bombed” Germans during World War II. After all, Ann titled her column: “This Is War.” </p>
    <p>Although sometimes compared to other conservatives-turned-Republican-propagandists, Pat Buchanan is a different case. Pat has always been a Republican and through most of his life has worked as a Republican operative. But Pat has broken with his party on nearly every major issue and will no longer be allowed on Fox. (He has become a fixture on the generally more leftwing but not neocon-supervised MSNBC.) A fact often noted—that he rallies to Republican presidential candidates shortly before elections—is an expression of a vestigial loyalty but nothing more. An adherence to GOP party lines is not evident in what Pat writes and says the rest of the time. The same cannot be said about Ann, Michelle, and most other Fox contributors.</p>

    Source: http://takimag.com/article/the_mainstreaming_of_michelle_malkin/print
  2. You made it quite clear in your previous post that you dislike women.


    First you post that men shouldn't care about women who are raped, then you attack a woman for what she's written. You need to get some serious therapy. Perhaps you should go with your mother. Your problems run deep.
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    Now he shows that he's racist too:

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    So, Jammy, I take it you must be a big Joy Behar fan.

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    I'm confident that she is a lot smarter than you, jammy.