Michelle Bachmann's 'Tea Party' response

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    I fell asleep during Obama's speech, and missed the response speeches. Doesn't sound like Bachmann did too well.

    From Bloomberg: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-...one-night-commentary-by-margaret-carlson.html

    "... Second Response

    The Tea Party decided to supplement Ryan’s official Republican response with an unofficial one of its own, and Representative Michele Bachmann didn’t escape that Jindal curse.

    Rather than look into the camera, she seemed to gaze into the middle distance while regurgitating the debunked claim that 16,500 Internal Revenue Service agents will be policing Obamacare. Like that other Tea Partier, Christine O’Donnell, she may have to make an ad explaining herself. I’d suggest, “I’m not a dolt.” ...."
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    Google Margaret Carlson Liberal, to get an understanding of why she felt like railing on Bachmann's speech.
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    We all know that Minnesota doesn't produce intelligent politicians on either side of the aisle. Did you see Al Franken sitting there during the SOTU looking stupid?
  4. I have to disagree. I thought Bachmann's was the only speech of the night that made any sense and addressed hard realities. Obama seems to be living in a parallel universe. As for Ryan, he accomplished the near-impossible: he made obama look like a strong leader. The republicans have one shot to go on TV and say who they are, and they pick this guy? Unbelievable.

    The republican "leadership" has a big problem and it is Bachmann and her crowd. Bachmann is a national figure now and can raise more money than any republican in the House. Her nationally televised alternative response was a huge insult to Boehner and Ryan, and of course that is exactly how she meant it. She is serving notice that she is an independent force like Palin and is beyond their control.
  5. Boehner is a neocon shill, establishment hack.

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    exactly. She's a joke too
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    No, I was passed out by then; but I can easily imagine it. I'm not a Franken fan either.
  8. If Bachman and Palin are to become the face of conservatism...say hello to another 4 years of Obama, in a landslide.
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    I agree, Ryan was awful, Bachmann was good. I was disappointed that Christie turned it down, but Christie is more of a force in a debate style atmosphere, than he would be in a speech, in my opinion.

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    I assume you arent sexist, I am not either.LOL.
    But being a non partsian sort, cant help but notice the great conservative lawgiver/gov victorys last election cycle:D
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