Michelle and Barack's high approval numbers

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  1. Beyond being in the big butt club, what has michelle obama done to warrant even having an approval rating?
  2. Bugsy has elevated straw grasping to an art form. Somewhat abstract and surreal, to be sure, but appreciated and much sought after by like-minded connoisseurs of denial. John, for example.
  3. Hmm - you're polling the favorability rating between the president and his wife. That is some HOTT and useful information. Could you also tell us how Britney compares to Obama?

    MSNBC is in the tank for Obama and their own poll can't even generate positive results for the big man.

    You and Thundeboy better get on there and give it a boost. He's currently tied between an F and A. Impressive.
  4. I am not polling the approval of the POTUS and his wife...

    Gallup Poll is...

    You goof.

  5. Why would I hate whitey? I don't know who he is.

  6. Yet she married and had kids for a half white man :confused:
  7. What does michelle obamas giant ass and underbite have to do with whitey?

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