Michele Bachmann's Church: The Pope Is The Anti-Christ

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  1. i wonder is the right wingers will pile on this like they did for obama about rev wright?

    Michele Bachmann's Church: The Pope Is The Anti-Christ
    Michele Bachmann is practically synonymous with political controversy, and if the 2008 presidential election is any guide, the conservative Lutheran church she belonged to for many years is likely to add another chapter due to the nature of its beliefs--such as its assertion, explained and footnoted on this website, that the Roman Catholic Pope is the Antichrist.

    Bachmann was a longtime member of the Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church in Stillwater, Minn., which belongs to the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), a council of churches founded in 1850 that today comprises about 400,000 people. WELS is the most conservative of the major Lutheran church organizations, known for its strict adherence to the writings of Martin Luther, the German theologian who broke with the Catholic Church and launched the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. This includes endorsing Luther's statements about the papacy. From the WELS "Doctrinal Statement on the Antichrist":

    Since Scripture teaches that the Antichrist would be revealed and gives the marks by which the Antichrist is to be recognized, and since this prophecy has been clearly fulfilled in the history and development of the Roman Papacy, it is Scripture which reveals that the Papacy is the Antichrist.

    During the 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama's relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright nearly derailed his quest for the Democratic nomination after video surfaced of Wright's extreme pronouncements. Similarly, the views of Bachmann's church toward the papacy--which are well outside the mainstream of modern political discourse--could pose a problem as she pursues the Republican nomination.

    Seeking to better understand WELS theology and how voters should regard it, I called the Rev. Marcus Birkholz of Salem Lutheran Church in Stillwater. When I identified myself, he hung up. Turning the other cheek, I called WELS and had slightly better luck. While I didn't get to speak to a pastor, as I'd hoped, Joel Hochmuth, the communications director, did his best to oblige. On the matter of the Antichrist, he said, "Some people have this vision of a little devil running around with horns and red pointy ears. Luther was clear that by 'Antichrist' [he meant] anybody who puts himself up in place of Christ. Luther never bought the idea of the Pope being God's voice in today's world. He believed Scripture is God's word." Hochmuth hastened to add that despite the lengthy doctrinal statement, the belief that the Pope is the Antichrist "has never been one of our driving principles."

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    Lol, you can't make this shit up.
  3. can you make this up? the theme of the republican party is crazy.

    Bachmmentum Is Real? Michele Up 13 On Mitt In New Poll

    Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN)

    Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) the strong frontrunner in the first contest of the Republican 2012 presidential nomination race? Believe it, baby.

    A new poll of likely caucus goers in Iowa by the Republican-leaning Magellan Strategies shows Bachmann with 29% of the vote. Next place finisher Mitt Romney has 16%. The Magellan field did not include Jon Huntsman, who is skipping Iowa, or the (so far) non-running Sarah Palin, Rudy Giuliani
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    The question is, why is Vhehn defending the pope? Bill Maher has called the pope a child molester, a nazi, a dictator, murder, etc. What's the difference?
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    Are you ready to put some money on this? Of course not. So why do you keep posting this stuff?
  6. i am not defending the pope. only pointing out that a person who believes anyone is the so called antichrist is not competent to be president. is shows how far republicans have fallen into the crazy meme.
  7. i think she wins iowa. from there who knows. if she goes further than that america is doomed.
    i keep posting to tweek right wing apologist nuts like you. how is it working?
  8. Yeah, it's weird that FT would defend the Vatican, with his being victimized by church pedophiles when he was young and everything...
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    How exactly does it show that? And has SHE ever said that? No, probably not. So now let me get this. You are holding all republicans accountable for the church that one particular republican goes to in which one pastor in that church said something stupid? Really? OK, gotcha. Let's move on now.
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    Of course she is going to win Iowa. She is from Iowa! None of the moderate candidates have even stepped foot in that state. Seriously dude, her only competition there is Santorum who is getting like 1% of the vote and possibly Perry if he decides to run. Man, not the brightest atheist in the world are you Vhehn. LOL.
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