micheal corvel--iz this guy for real?

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  1. I read this statement today by a guy named Micheal Corvel.

    Do you like to trade big moves? Learn how from these two charts
    By Michael Covel

    September 16, 2005 4:30 PM ET

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    There are several methods you can use to equalize risk on your own. For example, what if you’re a futures trader? Futures traders have a distinct advantage due to margin. Exchanges and brokerage firms factor in market volatility to set margin requirements. Simply stated, markets with high margin have a larger daily monetary fluctuation than those with a low margin requirement. A market with a $500 margin requirement will move slower than a market with a $5,000 margin requirement.

    Corvel writes for Trading markits so he must be legit. So how can he write this kind of material.
    The entire article seemed to be cut and pasted from other sources and does not seem to make sense. but the above takes the cake. Am I missing something?

    This does not seem to make any sense to me. How can a market with higher margins have greater fluctuations? Please explain .


    PS. I put the guys name in google and all this stuff comes up about a book, obviously he knows what he talking about so what am i Missing? How in the world can a market move slower or faster due to margin requirements, and if it does, It certainly seems to me to be the opposite of what Michael Corvel says, the lower the margin the faster the market moves.
  2. margin is related to volatility.. the greater the volitility ( daily price range), the higher the margin...