Michael Vick pleads guilty

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  1. In case you live on the moon, he pleaded guilty today. He had signed a contract worth 100 milllion dollars. My point is not to bash the guy, I just feel part of the problem is the hubris that comes with the money, fame, etc. Everyone is responsible for their actions, this is just a reminder to me to try to stay humble.
    You may proceed with bashing as needed. :)
  2. Countdown until ZZZzzzzzzz blames "The Man" or "The System" for Vick's actions.

    Blame whitey in 5.....4.....3.....
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    it is whiteys fault ..... they are the ones that gave him $130 million contract.....
  4. Its strange because there are quite a few folks who would probably want to think he was set up. I just can't understand how people don't see that their actions have consequences. I mean banging on the guy is too easy, so I will leave that to the various and sundry sportcasters whose panties are all wet. He should get some kind of award for dumbass of the year though.
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    The problem with superstar jocks like Vick is that they are treated like gods from the time they first show talent. They think they can get away with anything...because they often do.

    Great news that the feds were able to put him in a corner where he was forced to cop a plea that will trash his career.

    PetSmart should offer the bum a job cleaning cages when he gets out of his own.
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    Absolutely true, although I'll never understand why.
  7. Good news for you EC....

    Now that Vick has a criminal record, he's eligible to play in the NBA.

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    NFL...............National Felons league, or if you prefer Nat Fuckups League

    Sports is just a small diversion from reality.............loyality for teams is a joke.

    Want real action , play ES :D

  9. Scum needs to go on OOOOOOprah and do the weepy thing.

    Probably more hated than OJ at this point.
  10. Unfortunately now Vicki will have to lay off his 'posse' of losers that surround him, you know the obligatory bling and total excessive behavior that goes with being an irresponsible person and a generally repulsive human being.

    BTW, what happened to the next best thing for American football; Vick the QB with the total package, can run, gun and score. Never really materialized now did it?

    HMMMM, guess a solid drop back passer like Rothlessberger is still effective in a TEAM GAME.

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