Michael Reagan: My dad might be too moderate for today’s GOP

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  1. Michael Reagan: My dad might be too moderate for today’s GOP

    Michael Reagan, the son of former U.S. president Ronald Reagan, told Fox News on Tuesday that his father might not able to win the nomination in today’s GOP.

    “If you look at my father and you just knew him as governor — raised taxes, signed an abortion bill, no-fault divorce, and a few other things — today, the argument against him would come from the right, not from the left,” Reagan said. “He would have trouble getting his own nomination, but yet he ended up being the greatest president in our lifetimes.”

    “We need to look at the whole package, the whole picture, everybody, and stop nit-picking ourselves to death,” he continued.

    Reagan, a former talk show host, is considering a run against California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein in 2012.

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  2. I doubt it considering a lib like Romney will likely get the nomination
  3. Republican primary voters are clearly struggling with this dilemma. Do you go with the candidate who seems most "electable" or the one who best represents your values?

    Romney is counting on the electability issue to win out in the end. He may be disappointed, despite the desperate hopes of the party establishment and despite the party's past history of nominating nondescript candidates who offended the least number of people.

    Michelle Bachmann basically made the counter argument, which is obama is so weak, any decent candidate should be able to beat him. Therefore, go for someone who won't leave us with buyers' remorse. Of course, this is the same reasoning that gave us Sharon Angle and that woman in Delaware, but it also gave us Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.
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    AK Forty Seven, do you ever post anything that is worth while?
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    I think the same could be said about King Bush I.
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    it was... and it was true. The man was an eastern liberal until he pretended to become conservative.
    and thats why you knew bush 2 was a big govt liberal dressed up by rove to be a "compassionate" fake.