Michael Pento is right on when it comes to bernanke and inflation

Discussion in 'Economics' started by S2007S, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. S2007S


    Pento is exactly right on.

    Anyone who believes inflation is tame and in check better think twice......

    Michael Pento, chief economist at Delta Global Advisors, has a more fundamental critique of the coverage: "Why would anybody listen to this guy in the first place?," Pento wonders. "[Bernanke] told us the recession wasn't even going to occur. He was very slow to reduce interest rates and now very very slow to raise them. So I wouldn't put any credence in anything he does, at all."

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  2. How can anyone make the stupid comment that Bernanke was slow to lower rates? Did we already forget the 75bps cuts followed by another 50bps right away?

    Horseshit, I says!