Michael Moore

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  1. Michael Moore is a whiny bitch.

    There is nothing to debate in this statement of fact.
  2. And your mother wears combat boots.

    Just a thought.:D
  3. Care to mention which right winger makes documentaries exposing corporate greed and corruption?

  4. Lucrum



    I don't know if ACORN is technically a corporation, but they sure are corrupt.
  5. Ah yes. Fox news. Fair and unbalanced.
  6. He's a rich fat ass because of capitalism.
  7. He's disgustingly fat but Bush was disgustingly stupid. So who do you like best?:D
  8. and we're talking about Bush because of...?

  9. But he's willing to have his taxes raised so he's not a sociopath, like your fat hero.
  10. Simple question. You don't have to answer if you voted for the bum twice.:D
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