Michael Moore Slams Canada (Oh Canada!)

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    Michael Moore calls Canada 'shameful'

    Says country has refused to offer refuge to Iraq-war dodgers

    TORONTO -- Michael Moore, a longtime defender of Canada, has slammed the Great White North for its treatment of U.S. war dodgers. "It is absolutely shameful how Canada has behaved toward those who have resisted this [Iraq] war. It's not the Canada we used to know," the U.S. documentary maker said during a Mavericks sidebar session at the Toronto International Film Festival. Moore said Canadians opened their border to American draft dodgers during the Vietnam War. "This country was so generous to those of my generation who did not want to kill the Vietnamese, and they opened the border," he said. By contrast, the Canadian government and courts have so far resisted offering refuge to U.S. soldiers going north to avoid battle in Iraq. Screenwriter Paul Laverty, in Toronto to promote "Even The Rain" and speaking on the same TIFF panel, pointed to a recent public opinion poll that suggested two-thirds of Canadians opposed Ottawa's stance on U.S. soldiers making refugee applications to remain in Canada. Laverty added that the United States, which has signed the Geneva Convention, had an obligation to investigate war crimes committed in Iraq, including instances of alleged torture.


    Is Canada closing its borders to illegal immigrants from the south?
  2. Hello


    Didnt you get the memo? Michael Moore, hates Canada now that his brutal healthcare documentary "sicko" is done, and he has made millions off suckers.

    He is on to his next victim now..... expect a sob story about illegal immigrants in the coming months.
  3. I disagree with Moore's stance on guns.I agree with him on healthcare,Fahrenheit 9/11 and bailouts.

    Don't agree with him on this.There was no draft for the Iraq war so nobody has a right to refuse orders to deploy.