Michael Moore on Morning Joe: 'Withdraw Your Money from Bailed Out Banks'

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    OMFG! I agree with Michael Moore

  3. I've come to the conclusion that the arabs are probably correct when they say the American govt. is evil.

    Maybe not all the govt. is evil, but those pulling the levers of power are pure un-adulterated evil.

    There is no other conceivable explanation for the outright blatant almost satanic zeal with which these people inside congress gleefully engage in to destroy the middle class.

    The republican voter is part of the problem given that the republican party is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the large corporations and foreign lobbyists.

    Obama and his white house along with the old school democrats are right there with the republicans giving the middle class the shaft.

    The "media" is not far behind in the gleeful cluster fuck of the middle class that is in progress. No one in the media has called these unamerican cunts in congress out. Fox is engaged in outright lies while the rest of the media is close behind trying to out-fox Fox. At least guys like Joe Scarborough are finally coming to their senses and realize that fighting the evil inside congress is not a partisan issue.

    One glimmer of hope I do see is freshmen guys like Alan Grayson and Al Franken begin to ask the questions we all want to know answers to. And more importantly they're publicly calling out the cunts in congress. Once can only hope there are more like them who will step up to the plate before we move further along this disastrous path we're in at the moment.
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    Michael Moore is a communist and Americans should be very leery of guys like him. You don't want to promote central planners like him on television too much. Hopefully our young people understand this.
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    America is overdue for Revolution.

    I'm not talking some watered-down, big tent, partisan bullshit that panders to every minority/special interest.

    I'm talking back to basics.

    Back to the Constitution. Back the 10the Amendment. Back to sound currency. Back to REAL Capitalism. Sink or Swim.

    Abolish the Income Tax. Abolish the FED. Throw the nepotistic whores out of Washington. Laugh as Wallstreet files for Chapter 11. And watch America take off like a Rocket!!

    Government now spends 45% of GDP! That's just Government!!

    The Treasury GAVE Banks another 2-3 Trillion in PUBLIC DEBT. The Taxpayer must pay that money BACK with INTEREST. The FED, printed another 2-4 TRILLION, handed it out to Banks (pure debasement), and won't tell us who got the money!!

    This is Banana Republic gone haywire. Its a total free for all.

    I feel your pain, brother. I really do.

    We're really close to becoming a Fascist Country. I throw that term around a lot. But its true.

    Bankers run Government. And have now decided to loot the Country. This is NOT SAFE. THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS.
  6. I have my money in Bank of America. I would love to pull it out, if someone would offer me a safe alternative. But I cannot be sure of a safe alternative, so in it stays with the whole "devil you know is better than the devil you don't know" ideology.
  7. Michael Moore, populist as he may be, and tarnished by the extreme right (unsuccessfully), has done more to point out the critical flaws in major structures in the U.S. and massive corruption in the U.S. (the industrial-military complex, the corrosive and toxic power of lobbyists of all stripes, and the adverse role of corporate money in politics), than any of his contemporaries, and by a large measure.

    The U.S. really is on the cusp of Rome destroying itself from within. Whether it falls will be a function of whether there's a revolution or not.
  8. You have a great pen, BLSH.
  9. Thank you. :)
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