Michael Ludin - Super Trader

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bottomdollar, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Has anyone heard of a guy called Michael Ludin? I hear that he understands price action better than anyone and has a private forum.
    He can make up to 1000 pips a day trading a few currency pairs. Does anyone know anything about this man and how to locate him?
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  3. naaahhh...

    jerome mushkin the 3rd - he can do 2,500 pips every 5.5 hours sitting on a toilet watching brazilian cartoons while talking to a girlfriend and never have a drawdown larger than 35 pips.
    did i mention he has 98% winning trades? he IS the forex market and dealers fear him...

    available for just $29.95
  4. trendo


    Look in the mirror.
  5. I Googled the name and found a CPA in California, and someone posting on HuffPost.

    Would think a "Super Trader" would return more results, but maybe I'm wrong...
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