michael Lewis: Lot of bull about Goldman

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  1. Michael Lewis never worked for GS, as evidence by his full head of hair.

  2. It's not of interest that he defends GS. Personally, I want to hear how "manipulative" their HFT software is and if so, why they haven' t fully disclosed the implications for shareholders.

    Further of interest is, how GS - 10 bllion USD government sponsored - was able to take on 216 million USD VaR through its principal transactions division.

    If I would have received government money, I would be a bit more "conservative" risking money, or ? :confused: :cool:
  3. Sorry, you guys do realize he's being intentionally facetious? He's not defending GS, he's making fun of them...

    I thought it was super funny.

    "That's not how we look at it; at Goldman we always round to the nearest $US50 billion, so anything less than $US50 billion rounds to zero."
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    They are the same. :)
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    I wonder if internally they call Blankfein Talos I, etc... LMAO :D :D

  6. again...little hater...

  7. ==================
    I like Goldman's name, KinVillage;
    probably its a better name than'' liars poker''

    Not that I am in favor of thier 10% stake in ''cap & trade/cap & fraud.'' Certainly its a fraud in name, rightly named it cap & tax.

    However to thier credit, they dont own 90 % of ''cap & tax'':D

    Not sure i wouild nickname Citi-'' dimwits'' ;
    just because many of top Citi manager are dimwit LOL:p