Michael Jackson dead - shorting WMG and SNE

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  1. maxxy


    Due to his death, I have decided to short WMG and SNE which could both be effected by the death of Michael Jackson.
  2. I'm shorting PSUG.PK
  3. Nexen


    Elite traders :D
  4. Little boys everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief.
  5. Elvis is making more money every year then when he was alive.
    There will be a surge of record sales now that MJ is gone. Also, all the risk from personal behavior is gone.

    For Sony, they have a large note against MJ's estate. Sony may end up with the Beatles catalog, the most vaulable asset of MJ's estate.
  6. BarbaraM


    I didn't know those companies also made sex toys for perverts. Yeah, I guess their sales will really plummet now.
  7. i thought he did not do it...
  8. So an American icon dies and bushbots run around naked with glee. Why? who knows. These bots are already proven to be mentally incompetent.

    The funny thing is the only pedophiles around here who end up being caught and jailed are the resident low life bushbots here on ET and their elected representatives in office.
  9. Was he ever convicted? We'll probably never know the truth.

    He was one hell of an artist though.
  10. 4XQs


    Why would shorting Sony be smart? I'd say it's a Buy, as there will be an immediate increase of airtime, reruns of documentaries etc. However I can hardly see MJ being a large part of Sony's profits - must be a neglible part of their combined revenues.

    When a painter dies, what happens to the prices of his paintings...
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