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    Greetings Elite Traders,

    Has any member been involved with, or know anything (good or bad) about Michael J. Siegel, WorldsPerfectBusiness, or TradingOnTheEdge. Reply to this post, or if you would rather keep it between us , send a private message.

    FYI...He offers E Mini Training via a CD/Manual Course (also private mentoring). I've spoken to him several times and he has my confidence (con). Really, what he is offering is very different than what the other artists have, and he does seem genuine. But...before I commit the funds, I'd like to know if there are any others who have done this.

    BTW...Yes, I've already searched High and Low across this site and came up empty. I searched using google, yahoo, msn, and still nothing.(other than his websites). Checked BBB Online, No Complaints (yet).

    Thank you to all who reply.

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    does he trade real money, can he show you proof.
  3. He was advertising in Orlando Sentinel so I called him just out of curiosity . He was really arrogant like he is doing me a favor. Deal was that you must fly to Cal. pay him 5K and then give him 20% of your trading profits. No other options offered. If he offers CD course now, it looks like reality kicked in . I just laughed at him but he still has called me back and left several messages.
    He has claimed to be an old floor trader. Ask to see his trading statements. I do not think he has any at all because when I asked him about it, he refused to show them.
  4. come on. its the same ol game. the legit vendors can be counted on two hands.
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    yep, seems to be offering it at bargain basement price now = only $2000 for his manual.:D :D
  6. "come on. its the same ol game. the legit vendors can be counted on two hands."

    Name some please.
  7. give your money to your kids or a worthwhile charity...... much better use for it
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    wizetrade :D
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    Thank you to all of the generous ET members who have offered information regarding Mr. Siegel. The consensus is not very encouraging given the feedback I have received thus far.
  10. The 3 Cardinal Rules before you buy.

    1. Unconditional money back guarantee (no exceptions, no excuses).

    2. 3 verified legitimate referrals

    3. Proof of statements

    Unless ALL three are meet you will be VERY sorry.
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