Michael Harris says it looks like 2007 all over again

Discussion in 'Economics' started by dave4532, Jan 22, 2011.

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  2. Tepper on CNBC yesterday morning makes more sense than comparing charts of one time from to another. Too many imbeciles we're look for a 1936(?) crash last year.
  3. Have you guys seen wheat and other grain prices lately? It smells like new highs soon.
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    What do you think then? Futures or options of futures? Leverage is needed to make money.
  5. I am getting longer term out of the money options in several commodities this week. I think inflation will go faster the next couple of months. It is more like a hedge to me. The ultimate hedge is buying some land.
  6. who is Michael Harris ? I agree but DBC isn't the most striking example unless he expects a crude oil spike as in 2007.
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    Exactly the point, who is ....... I believe this post is called spam, and the intention is to get people to click on his link.
  8. I listened to his presentation in one of the Tradestation conferences in NYC 11 years ago. He has been around for long. I have his books. He used to write articles for Active Trade. I haven't seen any more from him for some time. I find his blog analysis very helpful.