Michael Dell bought $100MM of DELL a few days ago

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    He's down about $5MM today.

    There's a weekly H&S from 2006 that could project down to around 15 if it breaks.

    Also, a huge monthly H&S/triangle from 2000 that projects even lower if it breaks around 17.

    If those thing actually work...

  2. C is the correct answer...
  3. The guy pretty much owns the company.

    Whats another 4cent artificial beat on one of the quarter earnings or making some news above key technicals to push the stock up 10 - 20% to these crooked CEOs and slowly dumping them.

    Its the wild wild west out there...

    The Government is too busy liberating the people of IRAQ remember?
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    Actually it could get there with a PE around 11 at current earnings. Current PE 14.

    Could happen.
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    The triangle/H&S from 2000 projects below zero.

    Not sure how that could happen. Maybe you have use a log chart or something.

    Anyway it'll be interesting to watch the 19/17 area if it gets there.

    Small H&S break around 19 should take out big H&S around 17.
  6. Dell=dead $ for 10 years.

    + Mike has a very large head
  7. When Dell makes highly desirable products that give it fat margins, let me know.
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    DELL holding that 19 line.
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    Dell is headed to the $14-$16 range.

    I would stay away from this stock.
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