Michael Covel Says: Greed Is Good

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by marketsurfer, Jun 18, 2009.

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  2. loza

    loza Guest

    Michael Covel is a tool.
  3. Thank you for NOT shilling
  4. Nexen


    Gotta love being such a good trader, then you can use your free time writing books and making videos about trading, instead of well, trading.

    These vendors, I tell you.
  5. This guy was never a trader. Just leeching off the turtles, which he was never involved in!! He's a complete cu#t
  6. mihael couvel is a self-proclaimed turtle. he is not a real turtle.

    he wasn't even featured in one of schwager's books.

    i didn't even push the view button to see the video.

    if warren buffet said "greed is good". ok, food for thought, maybe he's being ironic, maybe he really thinks this way .. .

    if bill gates said "greed is good." ok, maybe something to learn about his character, his way of doing business

    a movie character said "greed is good". well, ok, that's just a part of the dialogs, a catchy phrase

    but you know, when a michael kobal says greed is good, my first reaction is: who the fuck is michael kobal, you know?

    this is not a criticism of the op. i mean, ok fair enough.

    but you know "greed is good" is a fairly strong, provocative statement. you have to be somebody to have the right to say that, to challenge other people with this sort of thing. i just don't think michael covel has that right
  7. he should be saying ... wall street is run by the "big money"

    turtles ... Hedgies , CTA's, top tier IB's ... maybe even "don bright"

    ( just kidding DON !! )

    oh ... and don't forget "program trading"

    its all a giant casino .... and "BLACK SWANS" do happen

    perhaps there is a name for a mini black swan ...
    "grey goose " ?

  8. Michael Covel is just speaking whats on his mind. I personally know him. He's a very smart person with a lot of insight to the world of finance.
  9. Dave, why on earth would you promote this buffoon?

    If you truly believe that "Greed is Good", you are most definitely part of the problem, not the solution.
  10. Sushi


    The once pure serf must have sold out to greed. No other explanation makes sense. He hated Covel at one time. Too bad
    #10     Jun 19, 2009