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  1. now this is a republican i might vote for.

    Bloomberg Stands Firm Against the Theocrats

    New York mayor Michael Bloomberg decided not to include any religious clerics among the speakers at the 9/11 memorial service this weekend. Unsurprisingly, this caused some controversy:

    Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has come under attack by some religious and political leaders for not including clergy members as speakers at Sunday's official ceremony at ground zero on the 10th anniversary of the attacks.
    Richard D. Land, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, which is the public policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, said in an interview that the planned ceremony only proved that New York was the “epicenter of secularism,” out of step with the rest of America.

    “We're not France,” he said. “Mr. Bloomberg is pretending we're a secular society, and we are not.”

    Congressman Randy Forbes, a Republican representative from Virginia and a co-chairman of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, sent Mr. Bloomberg a letter on behalf of the caucus members urging him to include prayer in the ceremony.

    At the same time, some evangelical Christian leaders said they were outraged that an interfaith prayer service planned by the Washington National Cathedral did not include a Southern Baptist or other evangelical minister.

    Happily, Bloomberg stood firm. Good for him!


  2. New York mayor Michael Bloomberg decided not to include any religious clerics among the speakers at the 9/11 memorial service this weekend.

    Point taken. But Obama read a psalm. Checkmate. Kudos to Obama
  3. I'd vote for Bloomberg
  4. Bloomberg is not a Republican.
  5. Bloomberg is a big nanny state guy, just like Ron Paul. :D

  6. Nothing wrong in reading a psalm , nutmeg , there is much wisdom in the religions of the world. Its the loony clerics and their kind who like to hog the center stage and distort everything.
  7. Bloombeg symbolizes just how vast the gulf is between the urban "elites" and the rest of the country. He' s not only an anti-Chritian bigot, he also was a big supporter of the hideous Ground Zero mosque idea. He is such an anti-gun zealot he sent undercover police to Virginia to try to trap gun shop owners.

    His views are as offensive and alarming to most of the country as those expressed in the republican debate are to the editorial board of the NYT.

    I don't have an answer but I know it's not a good thing when there are such vast differences ina country. When sections of the country cannot even agree on the most basic issues, eg whether it is appropriate to have clergy at a 9-11 memorial, we have bigger problems than a debt ceiling. We're fast becoming a country where people no longer disagree, they despise what the other side stands for.
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    You voted for Obama.
  9. is it a bad thing to despise willful ignorance?
    sunday i participated in a 911 rememberance ceremony and parade. they had about 450 bike riders and collector cars in the parade. they had a former new york police officer who was at 911 reading the names of the victims. it was all nice and touching up until the end.
    right before we left on the parade they had to bring out a preacher for a prayer. this dufus actually said "jesus controls everything that happens on earth". if that is so jesus caused 911.
    do clergy have a right to say moronic things unchallenged at ceremonies?why should thinking people be subjected to such nonsense?
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    How is Ron Paul a big nanny state guy? He's the exact opposite. He votes against Big Brother and Big Mother every time.

    Bloomberg is a big fan of illegal immigration, so he doesn't get my vote. He thinks that the cure for America's massive unemployment is to bring in a lot more people.

    Bloomberg is a bright guy but I don't like his politics. It's best he stays mayor of New York.
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