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  1. I am an independent trader (8 years experience) with a 175 sq ft office on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach.

    My trading partner is moving out of the area and I am currently seeking to share this space with another trader/financial professional.

    $500 per month will get you desk space and a 3mb DSL connection.

    Parking will be extra.

    space will be available Dec 1, 2005 ... month to month

    pm me if interested!

  2. anyone??
  3. Send me an Private Messege with your phone number.

    I know two people here that may be interested
  4. FredBloggs

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    is the cleavelander (backpacker hotel & bar) on miami beach still open? used to be a great place to pull chicks.
  5. Ebo


    The Clevelander is still open!
    Great place to pull drunk trailer trash and MTV Spring Break left-overs from 1992.

    Nikki Beach has better scenery!
  6. FredBloggs

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    lol - i remember some chick hitting on me there - said her name was mercedes!! said she was an exotic dancer. had a dance with her & i tell you she was hard body of the year!!! she gave me her card - she worked for.....1st lady international!!

    lol what do you expect with a name & card like that!!!

    lol - real cute though and only 3 es ticks i bet!!!
  7. LMeyers


    LOL. Probably only 3 ES ticks for the lady and another 30 for the doctor.:D

  8. will do !
  9. LOL!

    did the scene in 2001-2002 .. nothing like that anymore ..
  10. FredBloggs

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    how about the mango bar?

    great place to pull an air hostess
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