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  1. what is the best single bar in the Miami area- a place to pick up women? Im looking for a place where a decent looing guy in his early thirties can walk in and walk out with a woman- or at least have the odds highly in his favor. A place where the women highly outnumber the men.

    what is the best singles bar in miami? latin bars are ok if you want to mention them.
  2. If you find a good place in South Beach where there are a bunch of guys hanging out front in tank tops and cut off shorts that's not one of them.
  3. Pabst


    I don't party in Miami-Dade too often but in Lauderdale there's Blue Martini in the Galleria on Sunrise and Bimini Boat Yard off SE17th. Nice places but more the yuppie chick clientele that cares about the size of your wallet than the SOBE twenty-something scene that cares about the size of your biceps.
  4. that's exactly what Im not looking for.

    Just looking for normal girls, not rich ones. Normal bar. etc...
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    biceps...funny kid...what you need to do; Is wake up early ( 5:30-6am), go have yourself a nice big cuban breakfast and then pony up the $30.00 to go into club space...where you will find hundreds of 20-30 yr old horny ass females rolling or pipped up on something...its all downhill from there homey... :D
  6. Pabst


    Well me too. It's a tough place because most every guy who's out on the town has either the SL600 AMG or an NFL bod. Very unlike Chicago.

    This place reminds me of the Steely Dan song Show Biz Kids

    While the poor people sleepin'
    With the shade on the light
    While the poor people sleepin'
    All the stars come out at night

    They got the house on the corner
    With the rug inside
    They got the booze they need
    All that money can buy
    They got the shapely bods
    They got the Steely Dan T-shirt
    And for the coup-de-gras
    They're outrageous
  7. Pabst


    Perhaps in the Grove or near UM in the Gables........
  8. ElCubano


    GreenStreet in the grove is nice....

    Tarpen Bend for happy hour thursday and friday on Miracle mile in coral gables is nice and down the block they have houstouns which is nice for happy can go to THE GLOBE which is a couple of blocks from both of them...
  9. the city known for its plastic cocks n tits.
    its the dr 90210 of the east.
  10. I will check out club space this weekend.
    will let you guys know how it turns out.

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