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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by tbomb, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. tbomb


    Anyone know of any Futures Prop shops in So. Florida, now that Refco is dead and buried?
  2. tbomb


    happy to see such a thriving business model down
  3. What happened to Refco?

    I just but in an application a few days ago.
  4. Ebo


  5. I was headed in the direction of: Does Refco still exist?
  6. Neodude


    Hehe, I guess working for them can now be refered to as "Working for the Man"...

  7. Ebo


    Don't give up the "Day Job"!
  8. Is the Lincoln rd office on miami beach open?
  9. LOL... but you are 'the man', sir...
  10. domi93


    i went today (at 2:30 pm-3 pm)
    they were close...
    i dont know if they still open (or will open) after the refco crash...

    if you want some prop you should look north (west palm-Boca raton) here in miami you wont find a lot of good prop firms.

    anyway you can go to DaytradeYa (tradestreamglobal/Penson clearing retail firm, 400 buck a month desk fee with

    or just PM bob Bright (they have a very nice office near Refco Trading service) and ask him about refco and the miami beach bright office.

    good luck.
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