Miami/Palm Beach

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  1. Hi. Would anyone that knows this area very well please share your experiences in terms of finding affordable and safe places to live. By affordable I mean for entry-level, about $1,000-1,500/mo.

    Any other helpful information or by PM would be great too. Thanks.
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    From miami to palm beach is a huge, huge area...Do you need to be close to anything...schools...airports....etc...

    do you want to buy or rent?

    If you want to rent & you pin down the area, there are a couple of places that specialize in rentals...

    PM me if you need more advice in Broward or less so in miami...not in WPB
  3. affordable? safe?


    Go to We have more gunplay, graft, scam, jackshacks per capita than downtown DC.
  4. Haha.. Well, that is what I want to know.
    I'm doing some very early preliminary research in these cities.

    In every city there should be some good spots that locals know of that are decent and safe; and spots that are highly dangerous that must be avoided. These are what I'm trying to look into.
  5. Dividend, if you're going to be in Palm Beach County, I highly recommend Palm Beach Gardens/N Palm Beach.
  6. Yeah. two weeks ago, they took a witness out with one shot witha high powered rifle. He was smoking a cigarette on his sidewalk.

    South of there, more amateurs. Assault rifles...... lots of bystanders getting hurt.

    In the interest of fair play to the State:

    (hum the Cheers theme as you scroll the links) Car insurance in PB COUNTY is probably three times higher than anywhere else. This is Lakeland, but you get the picture. This is just today's paper.

    Hey. It's so dangerous here.........


    We have "obituaries" and "murders" in the paper.

    When the kids check school supplies, "bullets" are just before "crayons"

    An SUV went by my house yesterday with a dead hunter strapped to the hood. Even the wildlife are armed.

    Waiters carry "pepper spray" instead of a pepper grinder.

    Oh yeah, forgot about the 1000 to 1500. Rents go up when property goes down.

    Havent seen a piece of cardboard on a T pole with less than 1900 a month. I figure, for a thou, get a tetanus shot. for 1500, you'll get free Spanish lessons from your 8 roommates, who all will own yard implements, and cash their checks at a"Any Check Cashed".

    Good livin' baby. Good livin'.
  7. Boca Raton, East Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach Gardens it would take you forever to drive to Miami.