Miami Dade Country raising property taxes due to Budget issues. How about yours??

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  1. Then they pretend that they are a low tax state i.e., no state income tax.:D
  2. What about hurricane insurance?

    Is the average annual tax rate in Miami-Dade really 6k?
  3. Hurricane insurance premiums have actually decreased the past couple of years as replacement costs have declined.

    Property taxes are all over the map. Due to the homestead act it really depends not on how much your home is worth but more so what you paid for it.

    Most of the homes in my neighborhood are worth around 1mil and I know people paying 2k and I know people paying 15k. If Florida is your primary residence and if you don't rent your property out, then the taxes are fairly reasonable.

    Also, the homestead act protects your home from forfeiture in law suits. I suppose one could say that as an "insurance" policy that's worth an extra thou or two all by itself.....
  4. buylo


    Same sh!t different place. Illinois wants to raise state taxes by 50%. It's the political conundrum. If there is a surplus you spend it. Then when nothing is there in a crappy economy, you have to go somewhere.

    A Politicians job is to spend money. Video Poker was just approved in Illinois to solve the budget crisis. Hey wait, I thought the casinos were supposed to solve that problem 15 years ago.

    It never ends.
  5. Yes it never ends. I am thinking about moving to Canada. They say it is easier to make living there than here.
  6. Exactly. As they say if they don't get you one way they will get you another way.

    Property taxes here in Denver avg. 2-3k and state taxes for income and corp are just under 5%. The top tax rate in CA was 10% when I left 5 years ago and their property taxes are about the same as Denver's unless you live in a Mel Roos tax assessment area, So Cal.

    You folks in So Fl. know how much your homeowner's insurance is. I was floored it's 5 times what I pay, but you have no income tax state.

    Do you pay here or there? Seriously.

    BTW I live in Douglas county and they lowered my property taxes because my value went down.
  7. Isn't that due to hurricane risk?

    States with no income tax usually have much higher property tax.
  8. Yes it is. I am dead tired. Probably not my best analogy. :D
  9. True. Ask any old hippie that moved to New Hampshire!
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