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  1. Any traders / poker players living on the beach, read this forum? Just moved down here from Tampa. I'm a 37yr old male.

    I'm just looking for some like minded people to hang out with or whatever.

    My roommate competes in triathlons for fun. He's good for biking, running, swimming, & working out advise. But can't understand why I like to stare at a computer screen.

    I don't care if you just opened $500 account at or trade 1m+ hedge fund. If your high stakes or micro stakes poker player. You may care, but I don't.

    I know there are a lot of interesting people down here. Just hard to find them wandering around the streets. Besides that crazy lady that walks around all day yelling obscenities at ever one. Her & I are good friends :D

    I'm near 15th & Bay Rd.

    Msg me...
  2. I'm Giving Away My Trading Approach

    There are probably better places to post this. But I don't want to many responses to deal with... lol

    I've been wanting to do something like this for awhile, but very hesitant. Since my online poker hobby has come to an abrupt end. I'm bored, I have some extra time on my hands, & I'm in a “F” the government kind of mood.

    I have a business approach to trading that can be applied to most markets & is scalable on both size & time frame. It's a basic market making type of strategy.

    No secret signals or indicators. All price & risk management. Once learned, you don't need me anymore.

    Very boring, like playing limit hold'em, actually more boring.

    I have no websites or books to sell. I don't claim to be a trading guru & I'm not that great of a teacher.

    I'm in the process of writing a step by step, very detailed, guide to my approach for myself & a friend. I haven't got that far into yet, just the basic outline. Because of this current online poker crack down. It has given me a reason to spend more time on it. Maybe by helping others, it will also help me put into writing the finer details of my approach. If I already had something in writing that I put a lot time into, I wouldn't be giving it away for free.

    To start out, I'm just looking for a few people that have at least $30k+ available to trade. If you are already making a killing in the markets, trust me, you don't need my help.

    I'm not really sure how to go about this. I've never coached anyone before. But I would like to work one on one, mainly over the phone, until you understand my approach & we see if it fits your personality. If it doesn't, only time lost.

    So for now I'm just going to put myself out there & give it away for free. Maybe someone will throw me bone on the back end if it helps them look at the markets in a different light or gets them over that hurdle to profitability.

    Message me if your interested,

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