Miami area trading

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Copernicus, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. I am going remote in the miami area.
    anyone can suggest a reliable internet provider?

    great thankx
  2. I have a South Beach apartment and am moving to Bahamas next week. But I've traded in Miami Beach for a few months via Bellsouth DSL. They are reliable for trading, use them.

    Here's the thing. You will probably find the connection times out on you during peak hours around 5 pm to 11 pm. But NEVER during market hours so its not an issue for trading. And you can avoid this by clicking START, RUN and typing this:

    ping -t

    This starts a little program that keeps sending a small signal continuously, so your connection will not time out. Since I started running this little program, my timing out issues with Bellsouth have disappeared.

    Email me at if you have further questions.

  3. great thankx
  4. richie90


    I am using Covad's dsl (1.2mb download speed with 256k upload speed) with 5 ip addresses for $80 a month($70 a month with 1 ip address is available). I have not experience any outages. It has been very reliable. Customer service is better than bellsouth.
    Bellsouth has a lower speed dsl service for about $30 a month ... that should be good enough for trading.
    I have a spare bellsouth modem/router for $30 (save yourself the bellsouth surcharge)