Miami anyone ???

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by sobemark, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. who if any in wonderful Miami ..??? i trade out of my condo and i am completely bored .

    any office environments ?? what are you all doing ???

    am i the only trader in this city ??

  2. fhl


    I used to live in ft laud and commute to n. miami to trade at broadway trading and their successors. No longer live down there, but I assure you there are lots of traders around.


    I currently trade in Miami on Lincoln Road. The environment is pretty good and its a great location. You are welcome to check it out. You can e-mail me through elitetrader.
  4. Schaefer


    Sobemark, are you still around? I thought you moved up to New York with your girlfriend.

    I never got to say thank you for your previous thread last year about trading the gaps. I tried it last year but it didn't suit my style, a new knowledge for me none the less.

    I'll be trading the e-minis exclusively this year and I live in Ft. Lauderdale and trade out of my condo also (part time only).

    Thank you by the way :)
  5. hey man !

    never made the move ..i am still in miami (poor me, lol)....

    and still trade the same way :))

    glad to see you are still in the game !


    and you're very welcome :D
  6. What's the situation there in Miami right now? I have some capital I want to trade.
  7. I would like to join or start a south Florida Forex trading club. If anyone has information about a Forex club down here please email me. If you would like to join one email me so we can get something started.

  8. pm me if anyone is interested in getting a 'trading office ' started in miami beach area...
  9. There was an "online trading expo" in Ft Lauderdale a couple of weeks ago, did you attend? What did you think of it?
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