MIA Obama Makes One Ask: Where's Waldo?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Mar 2, 2011.

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    Well between golf, campaigning, flying around Manhattan in Air Force One and make one ridiculous speech right after another he can't possibly <s>be everywhere at once</s> do his job.
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    No father present during upbringing and you end up with a timid man. Well, there was that indonesian step father and he had mentorship in hawaii from radical leftist father figures, one after another. Not sure if that counts though.

    Obama doesn't trust the Department of Defense, he doesn't trust the State Department and he surely does not trust the CIA.

    The man seems to get his intelligence briefings from CNN.

    He never said a word about the 4 murdered Americans off Somalia. He will not act with regard to Black Panther voter intimidation. Ghadaffy killed a coupla hundred Americans, bombed in their airliner at cruise altitude over Lockerbie yet we can't even send a few F-18s in there to kill him now that he is a pariah on earth?

    Obama is a coward. Straight up. Carter seemed resolute by comparison. He at least tried to rescue the hostages in Iran but there was a haboob and that was not his fault.

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    Possibly the first guy who wanted to be president simply because of the trappings of the office.

    He has little interest in policy or governance but he does seem to enjoy the whitehouse chef and having the use of Air Force One for his boondoggles. He despises Camp David because he is a "city person".

    A man who doesn't like the countryside can't be trusted.
  5. His objectives appear to be, (1) living large on the public's dime, (2) supporting unions, (3) supporting Muslim causes, (3) supporting Communist-like Transformation of America, (4) obliterating Constitutional principles and citizen rights, (5) burying America in catastrophic debt.

    By those measures, seems he's doing a fine job. :( :(