MGT: promising newcomer to the AMEX

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by laocoon, Dec 18, 2005.

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    Hi Guys

    I don’t usually start threads about specific stocks, but in this case I’ll make an exception because I truly believe that this could become a pretty exciting story. The company is called Medicsight and will be listed tomorrow (Dec 19, 2005) on the AMEX, ticker “MGT”. (It was previously listed on the Pink Sheets as “MSHT”).

    The company develops computer-aided detection (CAD) software that is
    used by the medical imaging market to aid in the early detection of disease. Tested on
    one of the world’s largest databases of verified CT scan data, Medicsight’s software
    solutions help clinicians identify, measure, and analyze suspicious pathology, such as
    colorectal polyps and lung lesions.

    The reason why I believe that this thing could really fly are the following: (I’ve been following the company pretty much from its inception a few years ago).

    -World-class technology (patent-protected)
    -Huge market opportunity: focus on the most common & deadliest types of cancer (lung and colorectal)
    -Collaboration agreements with some of the industry’s leading players
    -Strong management team & secured financing (30 M $)

    Check it out at and/or have a look at the attached company profile

    DISCLAIMER: I own a couple of thousand shares of the company but have no other affiliation to it.
  2. The fact that it's getting listed on the AMEX makes me want nothing to do with it.

    AMEX specialists are barely a step above pink sheet market makers.

    That being said, best of luck with your position.
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    I politely suggest you get a list of the shareholders.
  4. VHC Capital ehhh? One boutique bank does not justify the validity of this company, it could just a speculative position for them.

    AMEX does have a lot of undervalued and undiscovered companies, they do have more credibility than pink sheets yet scare away a lot of investors with their scummy actions.